Salt treatment begins with understanding exactly how a pools' chlorination systems work. The basis behind this system is that you dont have to add chlorine for this treatment.  However,  that does not mean that there is no chlorine.  That's actually a common misconception.  There are chemicals in a salt water pool.  Treatment is still nessessary, and although you dont have to manually add chlorine (in most cases) there is still chlorine in the system.  The chlorine comes from the minerals itself. 
A aqua rite system is not the same as swimming in the ocean.  In fact, the water in a salt pool system is still considered fresh water because there is only a very low level of salt in it (there is more salt in your eyes).  However, this amount of product , when put through a control box , can create enough chlorine to keep your pool clean, blue and safe for swimmers.

The key to the aqua rite system is the turbo cell, a specially-designed converter connected to the main control box by a simple plug in cord, and plumbed into the filter pump's return line to the pool.  As water is pushed through the turbo cell, an extremely safe low-voltage electrical charge turns the mineral previously added to the water into fresh, sanitizing chlorine which is then dispersed evenly throughout the pool via the return jets.

  Installation is quick and easy, and is suitable for all pool types,  no matter the age or style of pool.  The aquarite  system is extremely energy and cost efficient, it is, by far, the easiest way for you to sanitize your swimming pool.  The Aqua Rite uses minerals (the same minerals used in water conditioners) and converts it into "free" chlorine.  The chlorine sanitizes your pool and then reverts it  back.   Thats right, the minerals are recycled and never wears out it's called the closed loop system.  With only a teaspoon of product  per gallon, the Aqua Rite produces enough fresh chlorine (up to 1.45lb per day) to keep a 40,000 gallon pool sparkling clean without the chlorine smell.  You'll never again have to worry about red irritated eyes, dry itchy skin, bleached baithing suits or green hair.
  *Soft, crystal clear, luxurious Water
  *no more hassles buying, storing, measuring               chlorine
  *Digital display of  level and diagnostic info plus 8               LED status indicators
  *Easy to use dial  to generate more or less                      chlorine    
  *Superchlorination mode
   *UL listed (US and Canada) for safety,             Preformance and Commercial Applications

Can a salt system be installed on my existing pool equipment?
Yes, It is compatible with all standard pool equipment.

Is it dangerous to swim in chlorine?
      I personally won't swim in a chlorine pool. Studies say that chlorine is 5 times more dangerous than second hand smoke. 

If salt water pools are so much better than chlorine pools, then why hasn't my pool service company recommended it?
       Because that would mean change. Change that you the homeowner would be saving and putting  back into your pocket. Frankly, most service tech's are just condition to use chlorine, it's the norm and they fear the unknown. Salt systems can actually eliminate the need for the weekly "pool guy".  So what's in it for him?

Do I have to drain all the water from my pool for this?
No, The existing water from the pool does not need to be changed.

What does it take to convert my pool to a salt pool and what causes the need to replenish it?
    Most pools in this region are between 10,000 and 12,000 gallons of water and initial  start up would require between 280 and 320 lbs of product to get properly balanced. (which is included in the installation pricing)After the initial  start up, the only time you will need to add salt is when it rains.  Fresh water dilution is the only way your halite parts per million will drop.  Which is why you will add more salt to your pool in the summer months and hardly any in the winter months.

Will my pool taste like the ocean water?
No, It will not taste like the ocean. 

Will the water burn my eyes, like it does in my chlorine pool or the ocean?
No, It will not burn your eyes, actually there is more salt in your eyes than in the pool water.

What makes them so efficient?
In an ordinary chlorine pool, chlorine levels change dramatically, when the pool is shocked, the chlorine levels are high, and right before it is shocked they are generally low.  With the aqua rite chlorination systems, the levels remain constant, because it manufactures chlorine systematically every hour, at a programmed percentage of the hour.  Therefore, the pool is never at a low chlorine level at any period of time.  This allows for less overall use of chlorine, and virtually no opportunity for significant algae and bacterial growth, because it does not allow chlorine levels to drop.

Will my salt generated pool be clean and sterilized like with a chlorine generated system?
Yes, Since the salt system creates chlorine, your pool will be clean and sterilized. Salt systems give you the best water quality you have ever seen.

How will converting to a salt pool save me money?
      Chlorine prices are going up every month, and will continue to rise in the future.  If you break down all your annual chlorine expenses as well as the costly inconvenience of retrieving and storing the chlorine, you will find the tangible and more importantly the intangible costs are a quite high. Salt is one of the most available resources in the world and prices for salt are cheap and seem to actually be getting more reasonable.  Even Home Depot and Lowes carry pool salt now, and are pricing at whole sale prices. 

What is it like swimming in salt  pool?
Amazing, You will feel like your at the spa soaking in silky soft water , and  your skin &  hair will never feel softer.
What You Need To Know About Salt Systems
Salt Systems Q & A
It's Time To Make The Change!

STOP swimming in a soup of toxic chemicals and join the millions of people who have already switched from regular chlorine to an eco friendly money saving salt chlorination system.  The difference is undeniable and the cost has never been so affordable.

We can convert your regular chlorine pool to a salt pool in two hours or less for only

Any pool can be converted regardless of age or type. Price includes complete standard installation,
 start-up, and 24 hour return visit 
for water and balance check .

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