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In the past and for the most part, the families I met with were impulsively purchasing their swimming pool as if it were a last minute birthday gift. With many of them relying on me to sometimes choose their swimming pool shape, or their color selections. I understand that part of a good contractor’s service to his client is their expert opinion, however, some contractors may take opportunities of indecision and try and upgrade you on things you don’t want or need.

  Let’s face it, the times of refinancing your house and doing a second mortgage to buy your dream pool simply aren’t as available as they once were. Most of you will need to buy your future dream pool the old fashion way, with hard earned cash, and because it is hard earned, you want big value for your dollar.  Without a doubt, the only way you will achieve great value is to become an informed consumer.   
 I intend to review all the steps involved in building the pool of your dreams, so that you can take that dream and make it a reality. This will be a large and rewarding investment to your home; a swimming pool can greatly increase the quality of your life. It will be a wonderful source of relaxation for years to come, so take your time in the planning and execution of this project. 

 I recommend creating a swimming pool idea note book. Begin filling this book with all the pictures of pools you find appealing. Make notes on the materials and designs that you will want to integrate into your swimming pool plans. Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words. 

  I look foward to explaining all you will need to know about obtaining the perfect swimming pool, and money saving tips in the process.  

                                                              -Kristopher Thiel

The Money Saving Guide
to Buying the Swimming Pool of Your Dreams
This book guides you into making an educated swimming pool purchase along with money saving tips!
You may be asking yourself, how will this book
save me money and do I really need to know the 
in’s and out’s of swimming pool products and construction?  
(Table of Contents Below.)

​The Money Savings Guide To Buying The Swimming Pool Of Your Dreams Table Of Contents
Published March 2014


The evolution of the modern swimming pool
Future of pools

Above- ground swimming pools
Interesting upgrade options
The advantages and disadvantages of ownership

Vinyl liner pools
Brief history
Method of assembly
Discussion of upgrade options (sun shelf, spas, rock water features)
The advantages and disadvantages of ownership

Fiberglass composite pools
Brief history
Discussing the importance of ground conditions
The installation process (importance of the initial placement)
The benefits of cantilever coping on fiberglass pools
Identifying the mainstream deck surfaces available
The advantages and disadvantages of ownership

Concrete pools 
Brief history
The discovery of chlorine
Shotcrete versus Gunite

Excavation day
Determining construction access
Shuttle digs
Uses for fill dirt

Rock charges
Discussing the prices 
Steps to prevent overcharges

Dig and steel 
Clarifying steel types
Explaining inspection tracking

Constructing the concrete shell
Industry requirements on shell thickness
Key preventative measures for a successful shell

Backfill and Plumbing 
Understanding the principles of suction and return lines
Pressure test procedures

Coping and waterline tile 
Discussing the variety of coping options

Retaining walls
Why they are needed

Constructing the pool deck
Discussing some key tips to maximize the deck area
Identifying the four mainstream deck surface options
Why interlocking pavers are so popular
The pros and cons of a concrete sub floor for a paver deck
Explaining proper procedures for deck installations

Installing the pool equipment
Simple way to figure the proper pump size for your pool
Discussing the dual and variable speed pump
Explaining the difference between D.E. filters and cartridge filters
Basics behind the chlorinator

Installing the interior finish
In the beginning there was Marcite
The ins and outs of the exposed aggregate plaster finish
Why the pebble finish is so durable
Identifying the viable mid-grade pool plaster options

The start-up and wrap
What to expect from the pool technician
Choosing between the barrier fence or alarms for code compliance
What the final inspector is looking for in terms of compliance

Punch list
Identifying why so many builders fall flat on the finish up 
Key questions to ask the builder
The importance of communication 

How to pick the right contractor for the job
Explaining what an in house pool builder is
Explaining what a subcontractor based pool builder is

How to find the builder that has properly adjusted to the slowing economy

Getting the bang for your buck on upgrades

Therapy spas
The different size and elevation of spas available
Advisable placements of spas
Interesting ways to upgrade therapy spas
Discussing the differences between shared pump systems and jet pump systems

Pool Operating Systems
Standard time clocks
Explaining the four function time clock

Automation Systems
Discussing the ins and outs of computer automated pool systems
What will these units control?
The purpose of automatic actuators and their role in the system
Wired wall mount controls vs remotes

Salt Systems
How they work
Discussing the health benefits of a salt pool
The importance of correctly sizing the cell
How to calculate the size of your pool in gallons

What you need to know about solar
The heat pump
Natural gas/propane heating

Auto fills
The in line auto fill vs the hose bib alternative